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Did someone say FREE?  we offer some very useful and free materials for any wellness business who wants to grow. Get a discount on the editable operations manuals and business plan if you are a regular consulting client.

Business Materials Price
FREE Budget

A sample budget spreadsheet for small businesses to track actual figures and future projections, detailed and summarized views, comparing projections to actual, with graphs and a dashboard, it goes hand in hand with a business plan for ensuring your business is running smoothly.

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FREE KPI Spreadsheet & Webinar

A sample spreadsheet for tracking the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for most wellness businesses. Metrics include Revenue, Attendance, Auto-Pays/Memberships, Retention, Referral Sources, Series Analysis, and more. This spreadsheet also lists where and how to find this data in MINDBODY and is kept up to date with my recommendations.  This is very similar to the sheet provided at MBU but with our personal twist.  You can get a link to watch the webinars to help you fill this out if you are a MINDBODY client here.


 Download KPI Spreadsheet


FREE Business Plan Outline

A sample business plan outline that is useful when creating a business plan for the first time.

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Editable Operations Manuals

Get over 88 pages of policies and procedures for a small wellness business with sections for the owner, manager, front desk, and instructors. These are a great starting point for any small business that is looking for supporting documentation to help their business run more effectively but don’t have the time to document everything. Download the Table of Contents below or contact if you’re interested in purchasing.

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Editable Business Plan

At over 40 pages long in Word or Google Docs it includes everything you need when setting goals for your business for the long term, for finding funding, or selling your business. It includes sections on vision, mission, opportunities, operations, marketing and sales, financials, and more. It may also include yoga demographics.



Roxy's Top 10

Below is my top 10 list of things anyone can do to make their business more successful.  This is a work in progress.

  1. Love the numbers.
  2. Offer an introductory offer.
  3. Offer a killer membership.
  4. Rework your pricing.
  5. Revamp your website.
  6. Online advertising.
  7. Train your staff.
  8. Create boundaries.
  9. Vision, Mission, Values.
  10. Stay Inspired.
Stuff I Recommend

logo_MindbodyI highly recommend wellness businesses attend MINDBODY University. MINDBODY University hosts 3-day conferences around the world, with high-impact business education tailored to wellness industries. Event courses are taught by MINDBODY experts, including co-founders Rick Stollmeyer and Bob Murphy, and focus on marketing, sales techniques, recurring revenue opportunities, and industry trends. For those that can’t make it to a live event, MINDBODY University also offers live webinar courses.

These are some of the partners I work with on a regular basis whom I highly recommend. I use them for my own yoga studio and have tested them thoroughly and have found them to be super helpful in my quest to grow and improve my studio. I can answer detailed questions on all of these:


ikizmet_copyiKizmet provides a visual business intelligence system designed specifically for fitness and wellness businesses. Their visual platform automates KPI reporting and eliminates the process of generating, gathering, and assembling reports from MINDBODY so you can access key performance data at anytime, helping you to gain important insight about your business..

The visual data provided via iKizmet aligns with MBU’s core principles that will help you make more informed decisions, as well as easily detect trends and results based on the business strategies you have already put in to place.:


logo_listen360Listen 360 is all about client relationship management. Their unique feedback model generates three to five times greater response rates than traditional methods and allows you to capture, organize and respond to what customers are saying as they say it. In just 1 month I was able to get 100 clients to respond to their feedback system. It took me 1 year to get the same amount of clients through a free survey link to survey monkey.



Spacecraft is a full service marketing force offering website design, hosting, content management, SEO and SEM marketing tools.  They integrate with Healcode and provide a really clean and easy interface that enables their "templates" to look totally personalized and professional.  They also offer online or phone support.

logo_LiveEditLive Edit is your one stop shop for digital marketing. Their websites look professional and incorporate many best business practices from an MBU perspective. Their content management system allows you to have control over updates to your website. Their newsletters, mobile features, and text features are unique and so powerful for small wellness businesses. They were able to give me the website I dreamed of after one short phone call. I can’t believe I waited so long to improve my website. They have options as low as $19/mo and up to $199/mo.


Perkville is a great way to improve client retention and reward your members for interacting with your business. Their reward system will allow you to give customers perks based on visits, facebook posts, tweets, referring their friends, and for their birthday. My favorite feature is that they have an automated “win-back” deal which goes to clients who haven’t been back in a while and offers them a deal to come back. They have options starting at $29/mo.


logo_prestigePrestige Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions is a great business resource for those looking to possibly buy or sell a business.  Mr. Bayus is the President and Managing Director of Prestige and helped me (Roxy) feel comfortable buying my yoga studio in 2011 and has since advised many Liberate Your Biz clients.  He offers one-on-one advice, business evaluation services, and more.  As an advisor to owners of privately held companies, institutional and private investors, his business dealings primarily focus on business sales, acquisitions and mergers.   Gary is a seasoned and accomplished dealmaker who understands the process, the market place, the needs of sellers, and the goals of buyers.

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